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Shipping and Return Policy


Type of Shipping

Shipping Charges

Standard delivery, USA

Order total: $0 - $15.00

 just $5.99

Standard delivery, USA  

Order total: $15.01 - $79.99


         **FREE OVER $80!**

just $8.99

Urgent Delivery (USA orders), more details to the right

Though the program defaults to $20.99, actual costs will be obtained & approved through you. We will work with you based on your timeline & location to find a quick way to meet your needs. (example: $20.99 usually covers a small box going west of Mississippi for 2-day service).

International Shipping, more details to the right

Minimum Canada: $9.95

Minimum other countries: $12.95 

Though the program defaults to $14.95 for Canada, $19.95 for other countries, actual costs will be obtained and order adjusted if less.  If default doesn't  cover actual costs, we will contact you for approval and payment authorization before shipping.



Shipping charges are based on the amount of your order (see table).

Shipping is FREE for orders of $80 or more!


Urgent Delivery...yes, we can do it!

Petticoat Junction is happy to provide Urgent Delivery at the lowest possible cost to our customers!

We can provide expedited shipping service on in-stock items. We might possibly be able to ship your order overnight, or at least faster than normal mail time, depending on the day of week and time the order is received by our staff. We charge actual cost based on size and weight of the package.

Just select "Urgent Delivery" from the shipping options AND write us an email after completing the order to let us know the urgent date of need. We will contact you by email or phone to discuss the most efficient delivery available and provide details of related shipping charges. (The estimate shipping charge is just that, an estimate! The rates depend on where you are, the weight of the package, and how soon you need it.)

Or, call us at 425-743-9513 or toll free at 1-800-344-3262 to find out the options to meet your needs.

International Shipping. We may need to contact you, so be watching your emails!

The minimum shipping charge for Canada is $9.95.  The minimum for all other foreign countries is $12.95.  The default estimate will show for Canada at $14.95, for all other foreign countries at $19.95. Upon preparing the package through the US Postal service, we will obtain the exact shipping amount.  If the estimate was over, your actual payment will be adjusted downward (not to an amount lower than the minimum). In the case of Paypal payment method, a refund will occur).  If the exact shipping amount is over the estimate, we will notify you and we will arrange for additional payment through you before sending the package.  Notice: The customer may incur customs or other fees associated with importing into their country. Petticoat Junction is not able to educate anyone on these varying and ever-changing foreign policies, so please know your own obligations by checking with your local authorities before entering into the transaction.

Catalog shipping

The cost of the catalog is simply to cover the shipping.  If ordering catalog(s) only, there will be no additional shipping charge.  Contact us to order a supply for your entire group---We will make special shipping arrangements for you!

Return Policies

All merchandise is shipped for your approval and may be returned for any reason in its original condition within 2 weeks for full refund (however, shipping charges will not be refunded). Of course if an error was made in filling the order, or the item defective, we will gladly refund the shipping charges & replace the item as desired. Call us if you have any concerns about a return; we're here to please you and fill your needs!